bagai anjing kelaparan, dibaling daging. bersemangat!
CF card.. insert into IDE ribbon. talking about recycling. lol
Ubuntu on ARM, Android on Intel. Make OSes not war. now this is <3
real malaysian stories. bersihstories
to those who are saying bersih supporters tak sayangkan negara, if we dont care about the country we wont be doing anything in the first place. If you say you love the country, what have you done recently to improve the nation? Think - via Zeffree Kan
Ubersocial lepas update takleh login, apekah ini?
Windows Live Movie Maker in Win7 is quite stable compared to the one in XP.
although curiosity kills the cat, you should not kill your curiosity
notetoself use google fancy webfonts for title. save time for photoshop